Archie’s Lakeshore Bakery

Archie's Lakeshore Bakery

Archie’s Lakeshore Bakery

We all have happy places in our lives (both actual places and our mind ones). In my lifetime, there has been one place that even the mere mention of its name can take me to a happy place. That is Hough Bakeries.

Lionel Archibald Pile founded Hough Bakery in Cleveland, Ohio in 1903. Archie, as he was called, bought an existing bakery on the brink of closing and turned it into an incredibly successful business.

As his sons grew up, they too joined the business. Arthur, Lawrence, Kenneth and Robbie continued the traditions their father began, starting with the very best cakes EVER! It is hard to describe them. Is ‘perfect’ too vague?

It was their White Cake that always did me in and ever since I was a little girl, I have longed for one more piece. The White Cake was at all birthday parties and weddings. Name an occasion and Hough delivered.

I believe it was a yolk-free cake, as the color would change ever so slightly if the yolks were used. The moistness of the cake allowed the bites to almost dissolve in my mouth and the icing was heavenly. Not too thick or sweet, but just the right combination of bliss.

They also had Coconut Bars that were out of this world. They were made of a white cake, the batter not too different from their White Cake recipe. The cake was baked in a rectangular pan, cooled and frozen long enough to be able slice into rectangles without crumbling. The rectangular pieces were rolled in chocolate and then desiccated coconut (usually sold in natural food and/or health food stores).

A fun tidbit I found out while trying desperately to search for the Hough Bakeries (they changed the name from Hough Bakery in 1952) Coconut Bar recipe is that the cake itself was originally named the Lamington Cake after Baron Lamington who was the governor of Queensland between 1895 and 1901. I know, I know, great news. I found the history, but not the recipe! There was one recipe on Uncle Phaedrus that claimed to be Hough’s recipe, but sadly it was not even close. Don’t worry, I won’t give up.

Hough Bakeries closed its doors for good in 1992 (the Pile brothers sold it before this time). The company did not modernize its operations and was not able to meet the price-cutting of its competitors. One day they were there, putting smiles on thousands and thousands of faces (and pounds on waistlines), and then they were gone for good.

Are you now wondering why I am teasing you with the most delicious cakes ever when you can’t have them? It is because there is now a way to buy Hough Bakeries Cakes. Archie Garner worked for Hough Bakeries for 25 years as a pastry chef and baker. Two years after Hough Bakeries closed its doors, Archie’s Lakeshore Bakery opened theirs. Just walking into Archie’s sent me back decades. The heavenly aroma of an old fashioned bakery just can’t be compared to walking up to the Publix bakery counter and taking a whiff.

Joshua, Nathaniel and I were heading back to Florida after participating in the Komen 3-Day for the Cure 60 mile walk. Giddy doesn’t describe how I felt when I saw the Hough Bakeries bags and stickers. Archie could not have been lovelier. I asked (begged) to know how he gets the cakes so moist and delicious. Archie smiled and told us that while he would not share too much, he would let us in on a little secret. He uses a little bit of liquid sugar, which is something he mixes in the back. I asked if it is a simple syrup and he told me no. I’m stumped, as other options available today were not around when the recipes were originally formulated.

This leaves me with only one option. Buy them! Archie does ship his cakes, but they are very pricey to send. I inquired about shipping a dozen Coconut Bars to Florida. $18 for the bars. Extremely reasonable. Then I called Cynthia at the UPS store Archie’s told me contact. Cynthia explained that Archie’s charges $30 to bring the cakes to her. Once shipping and delivery were included, my $18 Coconut Bars were going to cost over $115. I think I will beg a friend to bring me some instead!

I do not feel too badly though, as I had ordered a cake and coconut bars to bring home when I was in Cleveland. I was over the moon excited to have the Hough Bakeries sticker applied to the boxes, which were then placed into a Hough Bakeries plastic bag. I may not be able to replicate these cakes at home, but it is nice to know that they are available when I need a fix.

When you get the chance, look up Archie’s Lakeshore Bakery on Facebook. When you have a really special occasion, keep them in mind. You will not be disappointed.

My happy place is indeed a VERY happy place!

Archie’s Lakeshore Bakery
14906 Lakeshore Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio  44110

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  1. Jessica says

    How was the cake? Did it really taste like a Hough cake??? The frosting does not look quite the same. What did you think? omg I CRIED when hough bakeries closed in 92, and swore I would never celebrate my birthday again.

    just so you know, the comment by ‘floretta’ above (and others like it) are spam – they’re just adding to your site so that it links back to theirs (I run a blog too).

    • says


      Archie’s cake was everything wonderful and delicous that I remembered about Hough Bakeries cakes. You have to give it a try!

      Thanks for the spam tip. It is deplorable what some people do on other people’s site!

  2. Sara says

    My Grandpa, Bill Ruff, was the Boss Man of the catering department when Hough sadly closed their doors. I don’t remember Hough’s glory days personally but we talk about it so much I feel like I was there! I desperately want to make my Grandpa a white cake (among several other Hough staples!) but I know Hough’s recipes aren’t available. I’ll make a thousand white cakes if I have to but I’m going to find the right recipe to at least walk down memory lane with. : )

    • says


      I wish I had a recipe to offer! I would absolutely recommend calling Archie and asking him to bake one of his fabulous white cakes. I only wish I lived closer. Then again, perhaps it is better for my figure that I do not!

      • Sara says

        Betsy – I did call Archie’s (this morning, actually!) and they don’t ship their good anymore! Probably got to be too much of a hassle? I, too, live in FL (outside of Orlando). I guess I will keep baking cakes and testing recipes until my Grandpa and my Mom (who grew up catering for Hough!) are happy! Although this won’t do anything for my figure either! : ) Oh well – can’t put a price on memories!!

        I’m definitely going to be trying out some of your recipes! My Pinterest board will welcome all the new things I want to try! Take care!!

        • says


          I am so bummed that Archie’s doesn’t ship anymore! Then again, when I found out what it cost to ship, I bided my time until I could bribe someone to bring some down. The things we do for an amazing Hough Bakery cake!

          I am thrilled you found Desserts Required and look forward to reading your reviews.

          By the way, if you are just outside Orlando, I am hoping you have discovered The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. Beyond delicious! I did a Road Trips For Food there about a year ago, so you can read about it on Desserts Required.

  3. Mary says

    you make this cake sound so amazing, I am going in the morning for a cake tasting for my wedding cake.

  4. Karen McCreary plano tx says

    do you still make Danish donuts? used to cut them in half when kids were little,called them “pants” LOVED them. would order aload of them.7of us are now22! you make I buy.

  5. Michele says

    I, too, LOVED Hough Bakery cakes growing up. My dad made sure on my birthday to bring home a cake from Hough Bakery ONLY. The white cake was good but the icing was amazing. Every time I use spackle, it reminds me of the consistency and the sugary-ness of that amazing Hough icing. I’ve been to Archie’s and the cake is the same yet the icing is not. In your pictures, it looks shiny and that icing -back in the day- was matte-always. And the colors were nothing like they are today. I can still envision the pinks, purples and green leaves…ahh. Not complaining though…True story – I got married in 1991 and yes had a huge wedding cake from Hough Bakery. When they shuttered suddenly in 1992, I realized I may have had one of the FEW surviving Hough Bakery cakes left in my FREEZER (the top of the wedding cake). It was thoroughly and lovingly enjoyed!!!

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