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Cherry Pie Grab them while you can!!  What, you are wondering?  Gorgeous cherries for Cherry Pie. On July 4th I was planning to make my Red White and Blue Pie.  It made sense, don’t you think?  Until…. I was in the grocery store and walked by containers of beautiful deep red cherries.  I knew at that very moment what I was going to do.  My pie was red white and blue but ... [Continue Reading]

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Desserts Required - SUGARCANE raw bar grill

SUGARCANE raw bar grill

SUGARCANE raw bar grill I asked around for Miami restaurant suggestions for my latest Road Trips For Food and SUGARCANE raw bar grill was suggested by quite a few ... [Continue Reading]

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Desserts Required - Mocha Milkshake Madness

Mocha Madness Milkshake #SundaySupper

Mocha Madness Milkshake   #SundaySupper Summer Chillin’ is the theme for today’s Sunday Supper and I have the PERFECT recipe…Mocha Madness Milkshake. Down here in sunny South Florida, the temperature is well into the 90’s most days. This, of course, means ... [Continue Reading]

Desserts Required - red white and blue pie

Red White and Blue Pie

Red, White and Blue Pie My-oh-my, nothing better than Red, White and Blue Pie on the 4th of July! Right around this time of year I start humming tunes like, You’re a Grand Ole’ Flag. Not well, but that has never deterred me. After all, I think I sound great. ... [Continue Reading]