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Desserts Required - Chocolate Raspberry Ghoulash

Chocolate Raspberry Ghoulash  #SundaySupper From the very first time I became involved with Sunday Supper, I have wanted to work with the Idaho Potato Commission.  I have watched fellow members participate in Idaho Potato Commission/Sunday Supper events, as they posted delicious recipes using Idaho® potatoes.  Yet, I knew that Desserts Required was not the right fit. Until ... [Continue Reading]

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nana's butter cookies horizontal with

Nana’s Butter Cookies

Nana's Butter Cookies Nana's Butter Cookies was, originally, posted in December 2011, long before I started shooting videos or had a clue about shooting pictures. ... [Continue Reading]

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Desserts Required - Apple Challah Baked French Toast

Apple Challah Baked French Toast #SundaySupper

Apple Challah Baked French Toast  #SundaySupper How does one take an incredibly delicious Apple Challah and make it even better?  Turn it into Apple Challah Baked French Toast that is, also, perfect to serve for Sunday Supper Movement’s Fabulous Fall Foods ... [Continue Reading]

Desserts Required - The Daily Meal and #NYCdessertquest

The Daily Meal and #NYCDessertQuest

The Daily Meal and #NYCDessertQuest An invitation to The Daily Meal’s Celebrity Chef Reception was the perfect opportunity for me to meet the people behind the website with which I am affiliated through its Culinary Content Network.  TDM is where food ... [Continue Reading]

Sunshine Margarita horizontal with

Sunshine Margarita

Sunshine Margarita Not too long ago I wrote about my wonderful experience at the Food & Wine Conference.  I highlighted some of the weekend’s top moments but did not mention a delicious new jam that I tried. Wendy Read’s business is Sunchowders Emporia ... [Continue Reading]