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Desserts Required - Oreo Milkshake

Oreo Milkshake One of my definitions of sheer joy is getting in the kitchen with any one of my kids.  Last week, Samuel told me he wanted to make something with me.  WOOHOO! My friend Jenni, from Pastry Chef Online, is hosting another delicious Ice Cream Tuesday today and I thought this would be something perfect to do with Samuel. We’re not making ice cream; we’re ... [Continue Reading]

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Cherry Pie – Single Crust

Cherry Pie Grab them while you can!!  What, you are wondering?  Gorgeous cherries for Cherry Pie. On July 4th I was planning to make my Red White and Blue Pie.  It made sense, don’t you think?  Until…. I was in the grocery store and walked by containers ... [Continue Reading]

Desserts Required - SUGARCANE raw bar grill

SUGARCANE raw bar grill

SUGARCANE raw bar grill I asked around for Miami restaurant suggestions for my latest Road Trips For Food and SUGARCANE raw bar grill was suggested by quite a few people.  Turns out, I have very smart friends. I, also, have wonderful sorority sisters ... [Continue Reading]